Shivani Dugar

For Dugar, nature is sacred. Dugar mimics this belief in her art by creating a sacred and tactile space. This series of large canvases explores the idea of hope and the inspiring energy of nature, encouraging a more conscientious relationship with the natural world.

A personal journey into the essence of nature, Dugar explores the intersection of reminiscence, and looking ahead. She draws parallels between the way physical light animates the landscape and metaphorical light animates the mind, thus demonstrating the different ways nature has been used as a form of human expression. Like nature, her paintings are built up in layers of texture and color, while simultaneously drawing from the human perception of time, experience and memory. The viewer can almost feel the change of season or temperature as one is absorbed by the canvas.

Dugar’s brushstrokes become the vocabulary of her paintings. The dialogue generated by this body of work has evolved to include different ways of seeing and interacting with the natural world. The artist has boldly used a new palette of colors – brilliant lemon and orange yellow, striking reds and mint greens which breathe new life into the work. Buttery yellows mixed with acid yellows are striking when juxtaposed against misty blues, while deep browns mixed with fiery reds bring about a romantic spirit.

Each piece Dugar creates is individually reflective of her passion and appreciation for nature. Her canvases transcend the physical, embracing experiences that simply, cannot be put into words.