Brigitte Wolf


Born into a large German family, Brigitte first traveled to England as a young woman, then immigrated to the USA, eventually settling in Chicago. Since then, she has increasingly developed her skills in both sculpture and painting. She has thus far studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, The Noyes Center, Palette and Chisel and the Evanston Art Center.

Brigitte’s work is playful in its exploration of the human form, drawing from dance and other movement, and executed using varying degrees of light and color. While her painting may seem to render homage to post-impressionists such as Matisse, De Kooning and Cézanne, she imbues her work with her own sense of dimension and illumination. More recently Brigitte has found joy in shaping her image of the abstract. Her works have attracted critical attention and can be found in galleries and collections both here and in Europe.